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3ft was €399 now €189 3 year warranty

Memory Foam Mattress featuring a pressure relieving layer of memory foam providing a combination of optimum support and comfort. Luxury support for increased circulation and a luxuriously fabric for unrivaled comfort.

3FT WAS €399 NOW €189


Mattress image shows one possible cover only. Actual mattress cover design may vary.

This mattress contains

Memory foam Specially designed memory foam moulds to the contours of your body to provide support and comfort. cool_gel_memory_foam_mattress_topper_han
Quality fabric A heavy durable breathable fabric colour and design on fabric may vary. mattress-ticking-1_1.jpg
Luxury support This impressive Luxury Support mattress relieves pressure when you lie down and so reduces aches and pains. Artikel-Spine_alignment.jpg

3ft was €399 now €189 3 year warranty

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