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Other mattress ranges

We offer name brand luxury mattresses like Silent night, Sealy, Bedmaster and Sweet Dreams and more with up to 70% off retail prices. We also have mattress from other ranges some of which are below.

Warranty: from 1 year warranty.png to 5 year warranty.png available see instore for details

Snooze Series 3 Mattress

The Snooze Series 3 mattress has been stylishly designed to offer two choices of comfort rating, either medium firm or firm. 1250 pocket springs are cleverly combined with superflex support and comfort foams to deliver instantly reactive support just where you need it. Upholstered using Snooze’s innovative ecoknit sleep surface fabric, the Series 3 will have you reaching for the snooze button again and again and again.

  • 180mm superflex support foam for durable firm comfort
  • 25mm superflex memory foam for pressure relieving comfort
  • 1250 individually pocketed springs mould to your unique body profile
  • Deep quilted ecoknit sleep surface
  • Chemical free ecoknit sleep surface
  • Stylish contemporary design
  • Suitable for all base types

Bespoke Heirloom Mattress

  • 2,650 premium pocket springs
  • Natural luxury with the latest sleep technology
  • Sumptuous, deep-tufted pillowtop with mini springs
  • With natural pashmina, cashmere, silk, wool, bamboo and cotton
  • Edge-to-edge support
  • Easy care, no-turn mattress
  • Anti-allergenic fibre layer
  • Available in firmness ratings 2 ,3 or 4

 With the Heirloom, which is crafted from luxurious natural fibres including pashmina, bamboo, cashmere, silk and wool, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on top of the clouds. But despite its classic appearance, this exclusive mattress combines the finest natural materials with state-of-the-art technology, including anti-microbial protection and thermal and moisture control. So, if you demand the best in life, treat yourself to a luxurious night’s rest on the Heirloom.

Bespoke Grandeur Mattress

  • 2,250 premium pocket springs
  • Sumptuous, deep-tufted pillowtop with mini springs
  • With natural cashmere, silk, wool, bamboo and cotton
  • Edge-to-edge support
  • Anti-allergenic fibre layer
  • Easy care, no-turn mattress
  • Rated 3 for medium to firm feel

For a more luxurious night’s sleep try the Grandeur mattress from our Bespoke collection. Crafted with a sumptuous blend of natural cashmere, silk, wool and cotton, plus a deep-tufted pillowtop nestling on top of an impressive 2,250 pocket springs, the Grandeur really is in a league of its own for comfort. And while you’re sleeping like royalty this no-turn mattress takes care of itself, so all you need to do is enjoy the luxury.

Airsprung Luxury Quilted Mattress

This great value and quality mattress comprises of a supportive 12.5g open coil spring unit with an insulator pad to reduce spring feel and soft white polyester fillings for comfort.
There are additional soft fillings and a quilted layer of polyester on the sleeping surface for extra comfort. The mattress is finished in a quality damask micro-quilt cover, with quilted borders also. This is an easy care, non- turn mattress, simply rotate regularly. Mattress firmness: Medium.
Mattress depth: 20 cm.
Lengths: Single, Small Double and Double 190 cm, King and Super King 200 cm.
Widths: Single 90 cm, Small Double 120 cm, Double 135 cm, King 150 cm, Super King 180 cm. 

  • Depth: 20 CM
  • Height: 20 CM
  • Width: 180 MM
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Storage: Non-Storage

Airsprung Memory Foam Comfort Mattress

The Memory Foam Comfort Mattress by Airsprung has a supportive open coil spring unit with an insulation pad on both sides to eliminate spring feel. 

There are soft white polyester fillings under the sleeping surface as well as 20mm of high density memory foam. The memory foam moulds to the contours of your body to provide ultimate comfort and support. 
This mattress is finished in a beautifully soft knitted material with additional polyester fillings. This is a no-turn mattress although we recommend you rotate it on a regular basis for even wear. Mattress feel: Medium. 
Mattress Depth: 19 cm
Width: Single 90, Small Double 120, Double 135, King 150, Super King 180 cm
Length: Single, Small Double & Double 190, King & Super King 200 cm

Sweet Dreams Amy Ortho Mattress – Extra Firm

  • This mattress has a 12.5 gauge firm open coil spring system with perimeter support
  • Generous layers of upholstered fillings
  • Traditional tufting for extra support
  • Attractive grey stripe damask panel
  • Mattress Feel: Extra Firm
  • Mattress Depth: 28 cm
  • Width: Single 90; Small Double 120; Double 135; King 150 cm
  • Length: Single, Small Double and Double 190; King 200 cm

Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign Mattress

A timeless classic with a renowned reputation for comfort, the Royal Sovereign has been cleverly innovated to deliver a seamless sleep experience. The expertly engineered mattress surface contours the body, whilst the deeper comfort core delivers holistic levels of inspired luxury.

  • Medium support
  • 21cm 100% pure Dunlopillo latex
  • 7 Comfort zones
  • Soft touch cover with Actipro™ technology

Dormeo Octaspring Levanto Mattress - Medium

The Octaspring Levanto mattress gives you the great feel and comfort of a traditional memory foam mattress, without the heat and humidity - delivering a deep and restful sleep that will keep you cool and fresh all night long.

The unique honeycomb design of the Octaspring memory foam springs deliver outstanding comfort and cradling memory foam support for your entire body. You will get comfortable quicker, fall asleep faster and spend more time in deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. That's what sleeping on the next generation mattress means. That's the difference Octaspring makes.

Made from one layer of the unique Octaspring memory foam springs arranged in 3 comfort zones - softer memory foam for your head, shoulders and legs and firmer springs for the hips, topped with a deep layer luxurious memory foam ensuring you enjoy deep muscle relaxation and truly rejuvenating sleep. All this rests on a supportive Ecocell® base for cushioning support that evenly distributes your body weight and ensures perfect spine alignment.

Patented memory foam springs make the mattress 8x more breathable than traditional memory foam. Breathable memory foam springs of different firmness are arranged in to zones to provide unmatched levels of support, flexibility and comfort across your entire body for a healthy, restful sleep. This incredible 'memory foam spring' technology cannot be found in any other mattress! Traditional memory foam mattresses cradle the body for great support however they are also known to be hot and humid. Without adequate ventilation, the sleep surface gets hot, causing you to perspire and your sleep to be disturbed.

Depth: 19cm
Lengths: Double 190, King & Super King 200cm
Widths: Double 135, King 150, Super King 180cm


Other mattress ranges

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