A fantastic Orthopaedic mattress delivers firmer comfort and support than your average mattress with its top quality filling, finest quality fabric and spinal support.


 Mattress image shows one possible cover only. Actual mattress cover design may vary.           


3ft to  5ft sizes


This mattress contains

Orthopaedic springs Distribute body weight evenly to alleviate stress on the spine. This therefore relieves painful pressure points while your sleep by offering maximum support to the back and joints. Artikel-Spine_alignment.jpg
Quality fabric A heavy durable breathable fabric colour and design on fabric may vary mattress-ticking-1_1.jpg
Spinal support Mattress provides outstanding support relieves pressure when you lie down and so reduces aches and pains. upper-bed-foam.png

Erin Mattress

3ft Erin Mattress

Erin Mattress

4ft6 Erin Mattress

Erin Mattress

4ft Erin Mattress

Erin Mattress

5ft Erin Mattress