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Deirdre mattress

The Deirdre mattress provides you firm support across entire mattress surface from the thick tensile, heavy gauge spring system, Deep layered with high quality fillings make a comfortable, supportive and long lasting mattress.


 Mattress image shows one possible cover only. Actual mattress cover design may vary.

3ft, 4ft, 4ft6,  5ft sizes

This mattress contains

Thick tensile, heavy gauge spring system Heavy gauge spring system supports the body’s natural posture during sleep, taking over as muscles relax. coil-spring-rv-mattress.jpg
Deep layered with high quality fillings Luxurious deep quilted fillings combined with the spring system. This makes sure that all your body parts are equally supported in order to avoid unequal weight distribution when you lie down or move on the mattress. banner-natural-fillings.jpg

Deirdre mattress

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