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Cambridge mattress

This mattress Spring system supports the alignment of your spine, while the breathable fibre fillings help to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night orthopaedic design, tufted for extra support.


 Mattress image shows one possible cover only. Actual mattress cover design may vary.

3ft,4ft, 4ft6

and 5ft


This mattress contains

Designed spring system The designed spring system results in greater weight distribution which helps to relieve the pressure on the painful areas of your body when you lie down. pocket_spring_memory_foam.jpg
Orthopaedic design Distributes body weight evenly to alleviate stress on the spine. This therefore relieves painful pressure points while your sleep by offering maximum support to the back and joints. Artikel-Spine_alignment.jpg
Hand Tufted This mattress traditionally hand tufted to further strengthen the multiple layers of supportive fillings. Hand-side-stitching-mattress-2-700x467.j

Cambridge mattress

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