We will store your product(s) for six working days from the date of the order.

After that initial 6 working day period we can store the item for a storage fee of €10 per day for an additional 6 working days. If goods are not collected after a total of 12 working days from date of order Murphy Furniture Clearance reserve the right to return the product(s) to the sales floor. All deposits beyond this point are non-refundable.

At Murphy Furniture Clearance we are strict on our storage limit. This is due to the volume of stock we turnover. If we allowed any longer we would require additional warehouse space for products awaiting collection so please work with us on this. If, for any reason, you are having difficulty collecting your product(s) please contact us as we may be able to help or even hold the stock an extra twenty four hours if we have room.

Please note:

All of our clearance product(s) (excluding stock to order) are sold as seen and once your product(s) has left our shop floor, we are no longer responsible for any transit or other damage caused to the product(s). Please see our Terms & Conditions for further information. Comprehensive images of all of our products are taken as soon as they are put on our shop floor and in the case of product(s) being damaged by third parties, these images will be used as proof that any damage is not the responsibility of Murphy Furniture Clearance.